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Barrington Concierge, Inc.

Personal & Corporate Assistants Available 24/7


Barrington Concierge Corporate Program

Your workforce is one of your greatest assets. In today’s competitive job market, employers are finding they not only need to create a safe-and-supportive environment for their employees, but they must also give employees benefits that help them balance the demands of work and personal commitments. Some companies have found that their employees are putting in so much overtime and working such long hours that they don’t have enough hours left in the day to attend to personal business. Employers in certain fields, such as insurance, banking, accounting and manufacturing, have found that offering help to their time-stretched employees can boost productivity, making this a workplace perk that benefits the business as well as the workers. For this reason, more employers are offering personal concierge services to their employees.

The work week has become longer while family time suffers. As a result more than half of employees admit to taking care of personal responsibilities while on the job.

Companies that help employees juggle demands of work and family will be the biggest winners. Barrington Concierge addresses this challenge head on by creating customized benefits which free your employees physically and mentally to stay and be productive at work.

A variety of services are available to help achieve work-life integration. A few favorites are house cleaning, personal shopping and errands, and internet research and planning.

Not only are work-life integration programs good for your employees, they are good for your company saving recruiting, hiring, and training dollars, reducing absenteeism, lowering turnover, improving the health of workers, and increasing productivity. Every dollar invested towards an employee’s well-being delivers a positive return on that investment.

Increase Productivity and Maximize Profits Today!

Barrington Concierge works with both employers and employees to create a platform of amenities, designed to add more employee productivity hours in to the work day.

Employees in our Barrington Concierge Corporate Program are provided with our services Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

  • Personal Vehicle Servicing
  • Travel Planning
  • Light Grocery Shopping
  • Chauffeured Transportation Services
  • Pick Up and Deliver Dry Cleaning, Shoe Repair, Library Books, Flowers, Etc.
  • Prescription Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Appointment Scheduling: Doctor Appointments, Vet Visits, Spa Treatments, Massages, Etc.
  • Restaurant Reservations
  • Post Office, UPS, Fed Ex
  • Gift Baskets

Corporate Concierge Benefits in the News

The popularity of concierge services is on the rise – and for good reason. Read a great article published by The New York Times on the benefits of utilizing a corporate concierge.

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Barrington Concierge subscribes to the highest personal standards of ethical conduct in any activity related to your company’s business.

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