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Organizing & Decluttering

If Decluttering is so great, what stops so many people from doing it? The first hurdle is time and energy. The second hurdle is knowing how to Declutter in the first place! Barrington Concierge, Inc. is here to help you solve both problems! Perhaps you have a couple small organization/declutter projects and just need a half day of help? Kitchen cabinets, closets, play rooms, offices, storage areas, bathrooms, basements, family rooms, laundry room or just drawers? Barrington Concierge, Inc. is here to help you “conquer the clutter.” Why not let us take care of your organizing & decluttering projects while you spend more time with your family, or pursuing what you love!

Packing & Unpacking

Barrington Concierge, Inc. offers packing and unpacking services that can be customized to meet the needs of any move, large or small. We can pack or unpack one room or your entire home. We find underestimating the time and energy required to pack for a move is very common, and
it can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning for
a move.

What sets us apart from regular packing companies? We help you go through all of your items & furniture that you don’t want to pay to move. We help you decide what to keep, sell, donate, or purge. When you get to your new residence, you’re clutter free and ready to enjoy your new surroundings! From closets to closings, let our team of professionals help! 8 years of 5 star reviews.

Holiday Decorating

Are you already dreading dragging out all the Holiday Decoration Boxes? Let Barrington Concierge take the headache out of your Holiday. We’ll haul out your decorations, design, decorate, create, revise, refurbish & then take it all down and pack it away for next year!!!!! Celebrate the most Wonderful Time of the Year with a little help from us. From stairways to trees, outdoor urns to outdoor lighting to mantles to mistletoe….we’ve got you covered!

Holiday Un-Décorating

Putting up the holiday decorations is certainly more fun than taking them down! Let Barrington Concierge do the UN-decorating for you! We will gently pack up your tree’s, ornaments, lights, garlands, wreaths, and any other indoor holiday décor. We’ll label each container and neatly pack it away for next year. We’ll even recommend storage products if you need them! Call today to schedule your holiday takedown!

Functions & Events

Find all the party planning in one place: entertainment, food & drink, decorations, party rentals, caterers, florists, staffing, photographers, venues and more! The Pinterest party you’ve dreamed of we can now help create. What makes Barrington Concierge one of the most sought after event planners is our reputation for really listening to our clients, understanding their needs, our attention to detail and bringing their vision to life…. We get it!

Outdoor Holiday Lighting

Need outdoor holiday lighting? Are you tired or scared of getting up on your ladders to hang your holidays lights every year? Please stay off of the ladders and out of the emergency room this holiday season! No one wants to spend the holidays in a cast. So give us a call and let us not only take the risk out of having holiday lights, but also turn your property into a beautiful work of art that will be the envy or light of your whole neighborhood!

Vendor Liaison Services

Barrington Concierge provides recommendations and works as a liaison with vendors: electricians; plumbers; cleaners; landscapers; contractors; interior designers; caterers; handyman; florists; movers; photographers; party planning; party staffing; party and rental stores, and more.

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We Can Help!

So many Baby Boomers today are facing the challenges of moving your parents to an assisted living facility or Retirement communities. When it’s time for our parents to sell their home & downsize….it can be tough on the children to help sort through years of accumulated items & precious memories. Barrington Concierge specializes in packing, unpacking, decluttering, selling or donating any unwanted items in a sensitive & caring manner. If you’re struggling to figure out how to downsize or sell years of collected furniture & unwanted items, Barrington Concierge can help. We specialize in navigating the transition painlessly & effortlessly for everyone!! We can help you declutter, pack, unpack, sell or donate years of accumulated items.

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